The Advisor Program at CSLC is a professional development opportunity for attending advisors, which features advisor sessions led by professional motivational speakers, industry professionals and experienced leadership advisors. Attending advisors will have opportunities to network and collaborate with fellow leadership and student activity advisors from across the country, as well as have the opportunity to participate in the Canadian Student Leadership Association’s Leadership Advisor Development and Certification Program. Levels I, II and III will be offered at CSLC 2017.

Along with amazing workshops, we have lots of entertainment and activities planned for you around Waterloo Region!

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Featured Advisor Workshops throughout the week include: 

University of Waterloo – Using Reflection Tools to Cultivate Leadership:

In this workshop, we will showcase how extracurriculars are changing and being innovated at the post-secondary level. They are becoming more than just a way to be involved but also a clear opportunity for skill development, learning for students, and reflection. The importance of extracurriculars is well known, but the innovation around the tools to track learning and development are still being identified. In this workshop, we intend to share with the teachers the following:

  • The competencies and learning outcomes we use at St. Jerome’s University to help create consistency across experiences
  • The use of learning outcomes to give students the language to speak about their experiences outside of the role
  • How we encourage students to reflect on their personal development through using an in-house reflection tool
  • The types of ways that students can get involved as they come to university
  • Highlight the innovate ways we are looking at extracurricular at universities (Co-Curricular Records, E-portfolios, EDGE, Global Exchange Certificate)
  • We will give teachers a chance to connect with one another and share:
  • Extracurricular activities that meet certain competencies and where there may be areas for growth in their offerings
  • Tools they use to have coaching conversations and encourage reflection in their students

Student Leadership Unconference:

An unconference is a loosely structured conference emphasizing the informal exchange of information and ideas between participants, rather than following a conventionally structured program of events. This format creates space for peer-to-peer learning, collaboration and creativity. At the start, the whole group will gather together and be guided through creating an agenda. The exact process is not important to understand in advance – the process will become clear as it happens. The important part is that all those gathered will have the opportunity to put conference sessions on the agenda. No session will be voted off or ‘won’t happen’ for some other reason. All sessions are welcome.

Meet the Maestros: 

Meet the Maestros is much loved, and always well attended, advisor session, which allows attending advisor to network with and learn from their peers. Maestros deliver 10 minute presentations on an aspect of or topic related to student leadership to a rotating round table of 8-10 advisors. Over the course of an hour, Maestros will deliver this presentation 4-5 times, with advisors rotating to new tables every 10 minutes (with two minutes provided to change tables).

Rewiring Happiness in Education: How We are Building the HERO Generation, Jim and Jenn Moss:

Jennifer will discuss how she and her husband Jim, cofounded PLasticity Labs and the HERO Generation – a research and technology project intended to disrupt education and make emotional intelligence a fundamental part of 21st century learning. She will discuss why innovation and technology in education is an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to use their talent and ambition – and put it towards highly meaningful work . Jennifer will also present the newest research on hope, efficacy, resilience, optimism gratitude and mindfulness (HERO traits) through interviews with experts, case studies, making this talk equally informative and inspirational. Jen is the Cofounder of Plasticity Labs, researcher and bestselling author of “Unlocking Happiness at Work”. As a member of the Workplace Happiness Group of the United Nations’ Global Happiness Council, Jennifer is considered to be a workplace culture expert and thought leader on the topic of happiness and emotional intelligence. Jennifer has appeared in Inc. Fortune and TechCrunch and writes for HBR, Forbes, BBC, The National Post and Huffington Post. Jennifer is a recipient of the International Female Entrepreneur of the Year Award, named a Canadian Innovator of the Year, was honoured with the Public Service Award from the Office of President Obama and attended his inauguration. She was recently listed as one of 40 Females in Tech to watch in 2017.

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