What is CSLC really like?

Here’s a glimpse into what the CSLC experience has in store for students and advisors:


Are the costs of advisor accommodations included in the conference fees?

This cost is not covered by the conference registration fee and is the responsibility of the advisor, or the school. There are designated conference hotels with preferred rates for advisors. More information on advisor accommodations can be found here.


What is the student billeting experience like?

Billeting is the “youth exchange” component of the conference and is very important to the tradition and spirit of CSLC. Volunteer billet families must apply and have their applications vetted by the conference steering committee. Additionally, billet families must agree to have a minimum of 2 delegates stay at their house. When possible, at least 2 delegates from the same school are matched to the same families. Delegates are also matched to billet families based on any special requirements (ex. allergies, language, etc.) Billet families are responsible for breakfast each morning, transportation to and from the conference each day, supper and free time with billets on Thursday night, and free time with billets on Saturday afternoon.

 Advisors: We are working hard to have our billet families in place long before the conference begins. This can be a challenge when personal information has not been updated in the conference database. Please ensure that all of your students’ information is up-to-date, so we can billet everyone appropriately. Please reassure your students (and their parents!) that billet families are carefully screened, and your delegates will be well looked after here in our friendly province! If you require more information on the screening process, please do no hesitate to contact us.

Students: It is a nice gesture to bring your billet family a small gift of thanks for keeping billets in their homes all week and transporting them to and from the conference.

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