YLCC Media in partnership with the Canadian Red Cross will present their new film RISING ABOVE. The film tells the stories of a handful of Canadians who have either experienced bullying or exhibited bullying behaviour in their own lives. The film chooses to focus on the positive ways in which these individuals were able to rise above their circumstances and the adversity they faced. RISING ABOVE provides a source of hope for those currently being bullied, and empowers students to be more understanding, more empathic, and an even bigger help to those around us who are struggling with challenges of their own. Check out the trailer here – http://ylccmedia.com/risingabove
CSLC 2017 delegates will experience this must see film in Kitchener-Waterloo’s brand new Ciniplex theatre. Afterwards students will debrief the film and discuss ways they can create a more positive, caring, and anti-bullying environment at their schools.

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