The following is a FAQ list about conference registration. If your question is not answered here, or you would like additional information, please contact the conference registrar.


Who is eligible to register for the Canadian Student Leadership Conference?

Registered middle or secondary schools operating in any Canadian province or territory, or to any legally registered middle or secondary school, for greater certainty any educational institution offering the same as or the equivalent of a Canadian grade seven (7) through secondary graduation program, operating outside of Canada. Affiliated educational organizations, or educational institutions (such as school districts) may also register and should contact the conference registrar.


How do I register my school?

Schools are to be registered by a adult supervisor (advisor) employed by the school (i.e. teacher or administrator). Advisors registering schools must have approval from their school administration.  If (any of) the adult supervisor(s) is/are not an employee(s) of the school, a letter of authorization from the school must be submitted to the registrar. If you are a student wishing to attend the conference, and have school administration approval to attend the conference, but do not have an adult supervisor able to accompany you, please contact the conference registrar.

Advisors are responsible for registering students for the conference. If your school is sending more than one advisor, please select a “Lead Advisor” responsible for registering students. For online conference registration, a “Lead Advisor” may also register additional advisors, or if schools prefer, additional advisors may register on their own. If additional advisors register on their own, they will still be linked to the school.

Conference Registration: Registration for the conference is done online at:

Pre-Conference Registration: When registration opens, a pre-conference registration form will be posted to this website. This form must be filled out and emailed to the conference registrar in order to register for pre-conference. PLEASE NOTE: Before registering for pre-conference, schools must first register for the conference!


When does registration open?

Registration opens for current CSLA members on March 20th, 2017.
Registration opens for all other schools on March 27th, 2017.


When does registration close?

Registration closes May 15th, 2017. Be aware the conference may fill up before this date, so do not leave your registration to the last minute!

Note: If registration is full or your provincial quota has been reached, the registrar will contact you and offer to put you on a waiting list. Wait-listed schools will be confirmed in priority sequence following the close of registration on May 15th.


How much does registration cost?

Conference Registration fees are $375/delegate, plus a $90 CSLA membership fee for your school.

Pre-conference registration fees are in addition to the conference registration fees listed above. Pre-conference registration fees for CSLC 2017 are $549.00/delegate.


When is payment due for registration fees?

All conference fees (pre-conference and conference) are due by June 15th, 2017. You may register in March to secure your spots, and send in payment anytime between your registration date and June 15th, 2017 without risk of losing your spots. PLEASE NOTE:Your registration will not be fully confirmed until your fees are received. If payment is not received by the payment deadline, your registration spots will no longer be secured.


How many delegates can each school register?

Schools registering for CSLC have a quota of 3 students and up to 2 advisors. School Districts/Divisions* are entitled to 9 students and up to 3 advisors. Further, in order to ensure equal representation from provinces and territories across Canada, registration is managed by provincial and territorial quotas. Once quotas are reached in a province or territory, additional schools wishing to register will be added to a waiting list.

Waiting List: Schools may also add additional students and advisors to a waiting list to a maximum of 15 students and 5 advisors. This is done automatically during the online registration process. Once you have registered your allotted number of students/advisors, any additional students or advisors will be automatically added to the waiting list. Delegates on the waiting list will be confirmed in priority sequence beginning on May 20th, 2017.  Please note that your wait-listed delegates may not be confirmed at the same time. At all times, priority will be given to wait-listed schools versus wait-listed delegates from a school that has already registered its quota of students/advisors.

*School Districts/Division should contact the conference registrar prior to registration. According to CSLA’s bylaws,School Districts/Divisions fall under CSLA’s “Affiliated educational membership” which may be granted to any organizations which engages in educational pursuits at a post secondary or at an educational administrative level in Canada. This means that districts and divisions may register to attend the conference, and the students attending as part of the district are representing the district itself. The CSLA membership applies to the District at an administrative level (those furthering educational administrative work in the District), and not all of the individual schools in the District.


How do I select students to attend?

The process of student selection is at the discretion of the school and its attending advisors. As a student leadership conference, CSLA encourages the participation of student leaders who have demonstrated a commitment to making positive contributions to their school and community, and/or have exhibited leadership qualities that have had a positive impact on the school/community. Schools are encouraged to select students based on an open application process with these types of leadership criteria in mind, or otherwise, determine a selection process that best suits the needs and goals of the school.

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