A Promotional Marketing Company Defined…

Building Your Brand. Together. It is our corporate philosophy and the focus of everything we do at BrandAlliance. Our vehicle? Promotional Products! Sure, they are used by many to promote brands. But our mechanism? That’s entirely exclusive and frequently a part of our unique web-based company programs.

Building Your Brand means that we are a part of the relationship your brand has with your stakeholders – your customers, your employees, your suppliers and your investors. The “building” occurs when we help develop and strengthen those relationships. You need brand ambassadors, not just clients. Long-term partners, not just employees. We understand that the true value of a promotional product is not in the item itself, but in the relationship it builds between the brand and its recipient. If you choose the right item for the right audience you can create a brand that your stakeholders will embrace and promote at every opportunity!

That’s where we come in. Our entire focus is on helping you select the most creative, targeted and memorable products possible so you improve your relationships and strengthen your brand. Combine that with staff who are passionate about helping you succeed, and you have a different kind of promotional products company. We call ourselves a Promotional Marketing Company and together we can Build Your Brand.

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