Jostens. A story told by the stories of others.

In 1897 Otto Josten set out to repair people’s keepsake jewelry. He soon found himself creating a cultural icon. Through the Jostens class ring, generations have been empowered to share their unique stories and connections to the people, traditions and experiences that define them.

And in turn, these stories have defined Jostens.

Over the last century, we’ve continued to innovate to provide unique, lasting experiences for everyone that comes to Jostens to share stories and celebrate achievements. With every custom item we create, from a preschooler’s cap and gown to an All-Pro’s championship ring, we’re passionate about what we do.

– Encouraging students to make a commitment to graduate with nationally recognized programs.
– Guiding yearbook advisers and staffs to tell their schools’ stories for all students with Yearbooks and Photo Books.
– Empowering people to express themselves and celebrate achievements with rings designed online.
– Celebrating traditions with a memorable graduation experience, Graduation Announcements, Diplomas, Jewelry, Awards and more.

We look forward to bringing your stories to life and helping you experience “once-in-a-lifetime” over and over again.

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