How To Be A Billet Family


Thanks for considering being a host billet family for CSLC 2017, September 26-30!  

Here’s what’s involved, how to register, and some frequently asked questions…


How to volunteer:

To become a billet family:

  1. Complete the application form 
  2. Check your email for verification from CSLC 2017
  3. Receive your Vulnerable Sector Check, provided by the Waterloo Regional Police Service (Free of Charge).
  4. Submit Vulnerable Sector Check to:

Dan Steckley, Billeting Co-Chair


Sir John A. Macdonald Secondary School

Attn: Dan Steckley

650 Laurelwood Drive

Waterloo, Ontario

N2V 2V1

Fax: 519 880 9718


Your commitment:

  •     Provide breakfast each morning
  •     Provide transportation to and from the conference each day
  •     Organize dinner and activities with your students for one special evening with billets
  •     Provide a bed/air mattress for each student, and sufficient personal privacy
  •     Provide a criminal record check (free of charge) for all residents 18 years and older

Billeting 101:

what you need to know for CSLC 2017 – Startup Leadership

Drop-Off/Pick-Up Schedule:

All SJAM pick-ups/drop-offs must be made in SJAM’s REAR PARKING LOT.  Thank-You!


Drop-Off 7:00-8:00am at SJAM

Pick-Up 8:30pm at SJAM


Drop-Off 7:00-8:00am at SJAM

Pick-Up 10:00pm at SJAM


Drop-Off 7:00-8:00am at

CINEPLEX (Conestoga Mall)

Pick-Up 6:00pm at SJAM

Evening with Billet Families


Drop-Off 7:00-8:00am at SJAM

Pick-Up   3:30pm at SJAM

Drop-Off       5:30-5:45pm at


Pick-Up 11:15pm at SJAM


According to each student’s

travel plans

Roles & Responsibilities:

  •  Offer breakfast
  • Sleeping area with bed/mattress
  • Showers (around your schedule)
  • Transport/carpool to and from conference (morning/evening)
  • Snacks (evenings)
  • Accommodate dietary needs
  • House Rules apply
    • Consider them your children
    • Drug-free, Alcohol-free
    • Be clear about your needs and expectations (morning departure times, where to find things, etc.


  1. Call Student’s Advisor if needed – exchange name(s) & cell #s when you meet

(feel free to list contact info below for quick reference)


2. Disciplinary issues:      

Paul Moffatt   (519) 897-9417  

Dan Steckley (519) 635-4869

Q: How many students can I host?

A:  You must host at least 2 students, but you are free to host as many students as you can

house and transport comfortably!


Q: Does each student require their own room in my home?

A: Students can share a room, as long as each has his/her own bed or air mattress to sleep on.


Q: Can I carpool my students to and from the conference with another host family?

A: Absolutely! Carpooling is fun, earth-friendly, and will ease traffic flow at the conference site.


Q: What is expected for the host family dinner and activities on Friday evening?

A: Please provide your students a simple dinner and some enjoyable activities, at home or in the

community, that will allow students to become more familiar with your family and the KW area.


Q: I provide a criminal record declaration to my employer each year.  Do I still need to have a Vulnerable Sector Check done for CSLC?

A: Yes. All residents of the home age 18+ require a Vulnerable Sector Check for CSLC (current within the past 6 months). WRPS will provide this service for CSLC volunteers free of charge.

Q: I have further questions about being a host family at CSLC 2017, who should I contact? 

A: Please contact our billeting co-chairs with any further questions about becoming a host family:

Paul Moffatt

Billeting Co-Chair

519-885-4620 ext. 1149

Dan Steckley

Billeting Co-Chair

519-880-9979 ext. 2101

Please feel free to share this with anyone you know who might be interested in this experience.

It takes a whole community coming together to offer authentic hospitality and showcase our region.

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