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Billeting is the “youth exchange” component of the conference, and is a vital part of  the tradition and spirit of CSLC. Billeting is a way of encouraging our student  participants to safely step outside  their comfort zones, and at the same  time, warmly welcome them into a new community. Additionally, billeting  allows our participants to gain first-hand experience of the culture and  heritage of the host school or district.

We are inviting you to billet 2 or more students from all areas of Canada in your home.

Billet Requirements:

  •     Provide breakfast each morning
  •     Provide transportation to and from the conference each day
  •     Organize dinner and activities with your students for one special evening with billets
  •     Provide a bed/air mattress for each student, and sufficient personal privacy (ex. 2 students share a bedroom, 4 students share a larger bedroom/separate space in house – basement, loft etc.)
    • Billeting can sometimes feel like one week-long sleepover!
  •     Acquire a criminal record check (free of charge courtesy of the Waterloo Regional Police Service) for all residents 18 years and older


To become a billet family:

  1. Complete the application form here 
  2. Check your email for verification from CSLC 2017
  3. Receive your Vulnerable Sector Check, provided by the Waterloo Regional Police Service (Free of Charge)
  4. Submit Vulnerable Sector Check to:

Dan Steckley, Billeting Co-Chair


Sir John A. Macdonald Secondary School

Attn: Dan Steckley

650 Laurelwood Drive

Waterloo, Ontario

N2V 2V1

Fax: 519 880 9718

Email: billeting@studentleadership.ca





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